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Tooth Tonic and Black Whitener and Remineraliser deliver natural oral health care and offer a wholesome alternative to toothpaste. Together, they provide complete care for teeth and gums, helping to protect them against damaging bacteria that can cause swollen, inflamed, sensitive, bleeding gums, as well as toothaches, decay and bad breath.

Tooth Tonic was created as an alternative to toothpaste. It has no toxic chemicals, harsh abrasives or sugar. The powerful healing properties of the oils nourish and support teeth and gums.

All ingredients have been carefully chosen for their strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties; some have unique tissue regenerating properties to aid in cases of gum disease. 

Black Whitener harnesses the powers of charcoal to whiten, and coral calcium to remineralise teeth naturally, to help keep teeth and gums in 'mint' condition. Both are made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients without any chemicals or hidden nasties.

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