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Q: How do I use Tooth Tonic?

(it's that simple ... check the video above) 

Q: Does Tooth Tonic whiten teeth?

No. Tooth Tonic is an oil which contains no abrasive substances, thus it doesn’t whiten teeth.


Q: Why does it say Tooth Tonic isn’t suitable for pregnant woman and children under 13?

Peppermint can prohibit milk production and thus is best avoided while pregnant. The age 13 is a rough estimate; it’s mainly because the mint Tooth Tonic is very strong and can be too powerful for little people. I have a mild version for children called Mighty Mouth which is safe, light, and palatable for young ones who have their permanent teeth in place. For our little bubs I recommend using just a pea size amount of organic coconut oil. The most important thing at the tender age is to instil good oral care habits. The rest will follow.


Q: How long does a 20ml bottle last for?

With twice daily use of two drops each application, one bottle should last one person approximately 3.5-4 months.


Q: Do I still need to use toothpaste if I use Tooth Tonic?

You don’t need any toothpaste when you use Tooth Tonic, but some people miss the foaming sensation in the mouth that toothpastes give (at least when they're starting with Tooth Tonic). It's fine to use both; you can start with Tooth Tonic, and if you feel your mouth is still missing the foaming sensation,  go ahead and brush again with normal toothpaste.  I'm positive that after some time though, you'll lose the need for the paste and in fact after a while of brushing only with Tooth Tonic, you will not be able to bear the paste sensation (I can't!).


Q: Can I use Black Whitener instead of toothpaste?

I would recommend brushing teeth with Black Whitener no more than twice a week. Black Whitener is abrasive and overuse may impact on enamel, doing the opposite of what you want.

Q: How does Black Whitener remineralise teeth?

The first ingredient in Black Whitener is Coral Calcium. I use sustainably harvested organic, edible Coral Calcium, which has 73 trace minerals that are absorbable by the body. Coral Calcium is generally sold as a mineral supplement to be taken orally. Almost all calcium is stored in bones and teeth, where it supports their structure and hardness.


Q: How does Black Whitener whiten teeth?

Charcoal has been used as a teeth whitener for centuries. It has now seen a comeback as a natural teeth whitener that does not cause harm to your teeth or body.


Q: How many times can I use Tooth Tonic a day?

I don’t have a definitive answer for that one because we are all so different. Each one of us has his/her own unique chemical composition, which will react differently to a substance which is made from essential oils. I always believe in moderation. Personally I use it twice and sometimes 3 times a day. 


Q: Which Tooth Tonic is better for gum disease, Mint, Mint Plus or Fennel?

I believe they are all equally as good because they share all of the main ingredients which can help with gum disease and keep harmful bacteria from causing tooth decay. Personally, I tend to swap between the three.  The Mint has a lot less menthe piperita than the Mint Plus but I've added Black Seed Oil as a third ingredient, as well as oregano and thyme to boost its impact. 

Q: Is it really necessary to floss every day?

I’m afraid it is. Carbs (bread , pasta, seeds or nuts) will remain stuck between your teeth if you do not floss, creating a haven for those bad bacteria that create decay. The good news is that this Tooth Faerie has found a great water flosser (Super Dental) which is sold at the shop. Imagine a gadget which is permanently attached to your bathroom sink. When you wish to floss, you run the water to your desired temperature, and flick the switch to divert the water through a tiny hole at the end of a handle. This creates a kind of ‘gurney’ effect, pushing all food from between the teeth. It works really well and you control both the pressure and the temperature. No electricity or batteries are required and not much can go wrong with it.


If you just can’t bring yourself to floss, consider putting water in your mouth and swishing it around vigorously for a few minutes (like a washing machine). Repeat the procedure twice and most food will be dislodged.

Q: Why did you make three flavours?

The Mint Plus Tooth Tonic is too strong for some people, so I created the more mellow  Mint version. Also, some people don’t like Mint flavour. Personally, before I created Tooth Tonic, I used to buy fennel or aniseed flavoured toothpastes.  

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